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Why Winter Can Be a Great Time to Sell Your House

November 28, 2018

You may be surprised to know that winter is one of the best times to sell homes in Auburn AL. After all, conventional wisdom says that spring and summer are the most popular times to put houses on the market.

That fact is one reason why it makes sense to sell your home in the winter. Here’s the scoop on why winter can be ideal for home sales:

  1. There’s less competition. It’s true that most people list their homes in the spring and summer. Often, they want to get into a new home before the next school year starts. Others choose to use their summer vacation time to change houses. When you list your house in the winter, there are fewer competing homes on the market.
  2. Winter buyers are often more serious about moving into a new home. They are looking for a house now and can’t wait for spring or summer. They may be starting a new job in the new year and need to relocate. In that case, they tend to quickly complete their purchase in order to get settled as soon as they can. They may also want to take advantage of the smaller house-shopper pool to grab their dream home before the spring rush starts.
  3. Listing your home in the winter helps it stand out from the competition. In summer, sellers are showing off their central air or great back yards. In winter, you can highlight your home’s draft-free construction and cozy fireplace. A great layout for indoor entertaining or features such as media rooms can also show off the ease of hosting holiday parties and dinners.
  4. Buyers may have extra cash. Year-end work bonuses can encourage buyers to upgrade their homes while they have the cash on hand.
  5. Families with young children or new babies may look for larger homes in the winter. Their children are young enough that disrupting the school year is not a concern. In fact, they may want to get their kids settled in the new neighborhood before summer play dates and outdoor activities start.

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