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Why Hire a Real Estate Agent?

April 2, 2022

While you can buy a home without a real estate agent, why would you want to? An agent will take care of the paperwork, negotiating, and other hassles involved in buying a home. Plus, they can often help you save money or get the best house possible for your needs and budget. So if you’re looking at buying a home, here’s why you want an Erickson real estate agent in Columbus GA working on your behalf.

An agent is there to represent you throughout the process. They don’t represent the seller, they only represent you and look out for your best interests. There’s a lot involved in that representation that most people don’t have the time, experience, or patience to deal with on top of their regular life. Once you explain to an agent what you want and need, they can narrow down the listings so you’re not wading through homes that won’t be right. They also arrange visits to homes you’re interested in; help negotiate prices or other elements; suggest mortgage lenders and possible money-saving programs available; write purchase offers; help you through inspections and due diligence and make recommendations on findings; and they coordinate the final closing with all of the necessary attorneys, the sellers, and anyone else who needs to be involved. And that’s just a  fraction of what agents do for you.

Besides the convenience an agent offers in dealing with a lot of the paperwork and bidding, it’s the knowledge of the area and the reality of pricing that proves a huge benefit, especially if you’re new to the area or unfamiliar with a neighborhood. They know the area extremely well and know the history, so they can tell you if a neighborhood seems to be declining or improving. They also know about the schools in the area and realistically how close you are to things like grocery stores, restaurants, etc. They also have a clear picture of what homes typically go for in a neighborhood and can tell you if someone is asking too much or if you’re getting a bargain.

There’s also the fact that in the current market, homes are going faster than most people can keep up with, no matter where they check listings. Agents often know in advance about properties that are about to go on the market and if it seems like the ideal  house for you, they can often help you get in first. That’s not something you can do on your own and in this fast-moving market, sellers and their agents prefer to work with other agents who know the ins and outs and can move sales along quickly.

It’s not just writing up official offers, legally binding contracts and similar technical issues that agents help with; they know various tips that can often move your offer to the head of the line, from cash offers to heartfelt letters. They know what often works and are experienced enough to help you reach your goal. They can even recommend movers sometimes!

If you’re worried about the cost of an agent, that might not even be an issue as most US transactions have the buyer’s agents earn their pay through a commission paid by the seller. These are just a few of the numerous reasons to choose a real estate agent in Columbus GA. You may want to meet with multiple agents to get a feel for how you get along, as they’re going to play an important role in your life during this important search. Our agents at Erickson Realty are always happy to answer your questions and will listen to you to truly understand what you want in a home, and they know the questions that can help you fine-tune  your choices even more to ensure you end up in the home and community where you want to be. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you find your ideal home with as little stress as possible.

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This post was written by Rose Anne Erickson

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