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Why Fall is a Great Time to Buy a Home

October 20, 2018

Did you know that fall is the perfect time to buy Auburn AL homes? The season is the ideal time for homebuyers to take advantage of several factors that work in their favor. Here are some reasons that autumn stands out as peak home-buying time:

  • The summer moving rush is over as kids settle into new schools and adults return to work after vacations. That means fewer people are looking for houses right now. With less competition, you can have a better chance of snagging your dream home before someone else does. You may even have time to consider the pros and cons of several options before making an offer.
  • You still have time to move in and get settled before the holidays arrive. Think of hosting a scrumptious Thanksgiving dinner or festive Christmas party in your new home. There’s still time to make it happen!
  • Sellers are thinking of the holidays too, and may be in a hurry to move to their new home before the end of the year. Motivated sellers are usually more willing to make a deal in order to get into their next home as soon as possible. This opens the door, so to speak, for you to step in and swoop up a home you love.
  • Prices are lower now. Sellers know that fewer people are looking to buy at this time, and those who are looking don’t often have the time pressures that summer house hunters have. Prices can be almost 5% lower in the fall than they are in summer. This means you may be able to buy a better house now than you could earlier in the year.
  • Real estate agents may be able to spend a little more time helping you house-hunt now that the busy season is past. A qualified agent can help you find the best house for your needs and your budget.

Now is the time to buy your next home! Call Rose Anne Erickson Realty today at 706-257-1776 to tour our listings of Auburn AL homes.

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