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What to Know About Buying/Selling During the Holidays

November 6, 2022

No matter where you live, when it comes to buying and selling a home during the winter holidays, things become more challenging. While people looking for homes in Georgia, with the help of one of our Columbus GA Realtors, don’t have quite the same winter weather issues as places up north, there are still some issues to keep in mind to have a positive experience.

By late November, with the holidays keeping people busy, and the colder weather keeping more people indoors, selling a home becomes more challenging. This slowdown can last through February. Typically, the people buying during this period are doing so out of necessity or hoping for a better deal with less competition. If you’re buying, this can work in your favor, but there’s also the concern of fewer homes on the market. If you’re selling, then it becomes a challenge to find buyers, not to mention buyers willing to pay your asking price. As most people are typically selling a home in order to buy another, it becomes a careful balancing act.

When it comes to selling a home during this period, be prepared that it may take longer than you would like. However, the market value won’t necessarily decrease, just because of the season, so depending on how quickly you need to sell, you may be able to hold out for better offers if someone tries to take advantage of the slower season. However, with fewer buyers, you have to have a clear understanding of how long you can wait to sell your home.

If you’re wondering about decorating your home for the holidays, most experts actually say it’s not a problem, but maybe scale back if you tend to go big. Definitely make sure you have your interior and exterior photos taken before you put up any decorations, because if your home is still on the market come early spring, holiday decorations are going to stand out and make people question why the home has been on the market for so long, even though it’s not uncommon at this time of year. Also make sure you keep the exterior of your home safe if there is any bad weather, especially ice. You don’t want potential buyers slipping and falling.

As for buying a home, there is less competition, and you may be able to get sellers to come down on the price, but don’t expect them to drop too low unless they’re highly motivated to sell. If the home is an older home, this is a good time to check on the solidity of the home, making sure there aren’t any drafts or leaks that are obvious when the weather turns colder and sometimes wetter.

Regardless of whether you’re selling or buying, working with an experienced Columbus GA Realtor like those working at Rose Anne Erickson Realty will help you navigate this more challenging housing market. In either situation, your agent will work with you to get your home sold at a reasonable price as well as help you find a home, while getting you the best price possible. The holiday season is a challenge, but it’s a challenge our agents can handle! Contact us today to get started.

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