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What Should We Do to Prep Our Home Now for Sale this Spring?

February 27, 2016

Are you planning to sell your house so you can buy one of the new Auburn AL homes for sale in a community like Asheton Lakes? If so, there are several things you can do now to help your property stand out from the homes on the market. Real estate experts say it’s important to focus on three things: clean, clutter and color. Here are five questions to ask when getting ready to put your home up for sale.

What type of spring cleaning is necessary? Getting your home ready for sale means you should perform a deep cleaning of everything, including your windows. You should also clean the grout in your ceramic tile, clean your carpets and make sure the furnace filter is clean. Consider adding a fresh coat of paint, and spruce up your landscaping, including flower beds and bushes. Take a good look at your house from the street to check its curb appeal. A fresh coat of paint on the front door demonstrates you take pride in your home, and can help attract offers.

What’s the best way to handle clutter? If you are serious about moving, you might as well start packing now. Consider getting a small storage locker. Clear out as many non-essential items as you can, including extra pieces of furniture. Pack away your winter clothes to make your closets appear larger. Prospective buyers want to see if there will be enough space for their items.

Should I change my décor’s color scheme? Not necessarily. Real estate experts do suggest making sure that the colors in your home coordinate with each other. For instance, if your bedspread doesn’t match the room color, buy an inexpensive one that does. Use small, inexpensive items like throw pillows to pull together color themes and create an appealing appearance.

Do I need a home inspection? Home buyers usually get an inspection before completing the purchase of a home. Rather than waiting for a buyer to take this action, and risk jeopardizing the sale, hire your own home inspector to see if there are any issues that can be addressed now.

How do I price my home? Be careful about pricing your home too high. That can eliminate potential buyers from even viewing your home, and may cause your house to sit on the market longer than necessary. If you lower than price later, buyers may actually wonder what’s wrong with your house. Research says to price your home close to what it will sell for, since buyers are looking for the best value. This will help your property to sell faster and at a better price than if you priced it too high to begin with.

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This post was written by Rose Anne Erickson

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