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Trendy Ideas for Decorating Kids’ Rooms

September 23, 2018

This year homes in Smiths Station AL are seeing new trends in décor for children’s rooms. Parents and designers are thinking beyond bright colors and trite themes to create more subtle, upscale looks for the little ones in their lives.

  • Skip the overbearing themes. The days of overloading a child’s room with themed bedding, wall art, rugs, lamps and figurines are over–at least for those who want to be on trend. Evidence of the child’s interests is kept low-key and allowed to evolve naturally and gradually as their tastes mature.
  • Neutral palettes rule. Subdued colors such as cream, gray or pale blue provide a soothing backdrop for more colorful accessories. Neutral color schemes allow the room to grow with the child. They also tend to fit in better with the rest of the home.
  • Scandinavian style is in. The clean lines, white furniture and natural wood of Scandinavian design fits perfectly with the trend toward neutral backgrounds. Color can be introduced with brightly patterned bedding, rugs or artwork.
  • Creative spaces for homework or hobbies. Forget the tiny desk in the corner. Today’s kids need more space for laptops, papers, books and projects. Convert a wall recess into a desk with storage shelves and a generous fold-down work surface.
  • Daybeds offer versatility. Instead of a traditional bed in the middle of the room, try a daybed along one wall. With a row of pillows along the back, the daybed functions as a sofa for visiting friends.
  • Bold patterns. Neutral palettes are a great backdrop to show off a rug or accent wall with bright geometric patterns. If large-scale designs are too much for the room, add a patterned throw pillow or abstract artwork.
  • Shiplap walls. Joanna Gaines of HGTV’s “Fixer Upper” has made this a go-to wall finish for trendy homes. The horizontal boards create a casual, rustic look that is durable and kid-friendly. Try it on one or two walls for the best effect.
  • Display space. Give kids a place to show off their collections, books or artwork. Let them decide how to arrange their items and make sure they can safely reach the area to change things around when they wish.

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