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Transform A Flex Room into Office Space

March 26, 2021

Between the current state of the country and hybrid work schedules, more and more homes in Smiths Station AL residents are finding themselves working from home. Whether you are looking for a full-on office or a private place to pay the bills or study, use these tips to transform your flex room into an office space.

  1. Comfortability is key – Being comfortable helps with productivity. When looking to furnish your office space, make sure you are buying items that will provide you with the right amount of support. An ergonomic chair and desk workstation will help you stay comfortable throughout the day. Include a keyboard and mouse wrist rest for added comfort. In addition to your overhead lighting, you should add task lighting. Desk lamps and floor lamps will help provide ample lighting.
  2. Incorporate storage – No matter how big or small, having a place to store your office supplies is important. Bookcases are good for housing your books, manuals, binders, and even small art décor. You could also install built-ins into your flex space. Filing cabinets and ideal for those who need a place to store important paperwork. Also look to get a pencil and pen cup holders, desk organizers, paper clip holders, a three-tier desk shelf, and anything else that will help you stay organized.
  3. Keep things neat – Everything should have a home. Once you are done using something it should be put away. This will help you keep track of inventory, stay organized, and keep the office space clean.
  4. Personalize it – What is your motivation? Figure out what is needed to help stimulate your creative juices. From sports memorabilia and paintings to inspirational messages, family photos, and plants, make this space your own by personalizing your office.
  5. Create a stylish backdrop – Do you have lots of virtual meetings? Do not just sit in front of a blank canvas. Showoff your personality with a professional but eye-catching backdrop.

These tips should help you create a practical and functional office space. If you are in the market for a new home, call Rose Anne Erickson Realty at 706-257-1776 to learn about our homes in Smiths Station AL.

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