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Rose Anne Erickson Realty would like to help you begin your search for Columbus GA real estate with a few tools that will jump-start your online search for new homes. With these 4 tools and tips you will be well on your way to successfully finding the perfect new home near Fort Benning for you and your family. Contact Rose Anne Erickson Realty today if you are ready to begin the search for your new home in Columbus, Phenix City, or the surrounding area.

1. Find an agent. Finding the right agent to help guide you through the home buying process is important. The knowledgeable real estate agents and Realtors at Rose Anne Erickson Realty can help you narrow down your Columbus GA real estate search and find the home of your dreams. Browse our list of real estate agents and begin your search today.

2. Budget. To begin your new home search, you should first decide home much you can spend. What is your budget for your new home? To help you calculate your mortgage, down payment, and overall budget, try our mortgage calculator. This nifty tool can help you find Columbus, GA real estate in your price range.

3. Find boxes. Once you have found your dream home in Columbus, Phenix City, or Ft. Benning area, you will need to locate moving boxes. Why purchase boxes for your move, when you can find free ones online? Look for moving boxes in your current location on Craigslist, ULine, Used Cardboard Boxes, and Freecycle. Then return the favor and post the available boxes online once you have moved to your new Columbus, GA real estate.

4. Hire a mover. Now that you are packed and ready to move to your new home in Columbus, GA or Phenix City, AL, you will need to hire a mover. You can talk to your agent for mover recommendations, or even check moving resources in the Rose Anne Erickson Realty Relocation Services Packet. Other places to find reputable moving companies in your location include Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau. Read reviews and compile estimates before hiring a moving company.

If you are ready to begin your Columbus, GA real estate search, contact Rose Anne Erickson Realty today. We want to help you find the perfect home in Columbus, Phenix City, or Ft. Benning area for you and your family.

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