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Tips for Touring Model Homes

October 17, 2021

There are a lot of reasons to tour model homes when looking at any Smiths Station AL homes. If you’re planning on building a home, it helps you get a better feel for a builder’s work. If you’re going to buy a pre-built home, it still gives you a sense of what you’ll be moving into, especially when you see it fully decorated. If nothing else, visiting a model home is a great way to find inspiration for decorating your own home, whether it’s new or older. Here are some suggestions to make the most out of your model home visit.

Let the sales counselor give you the full tour. You may think you can get by fine on your own, but the guide can point out energy saving benefits that may be included, what is considered standard and what is an option, extra storage you may miss and a variety of details that may not be obvious at first glance. They can also answer any of your questions. You can always go back through the home on your own afterward to have time to look more closely and discuss features on your own.

Get a feel for the square footage. You may see a number on a website, but you don’t really get a sense of the size of rooms until you see them in person, especially when they’re fully furnished and finished. While the furnishings may not be your taste or style, you get a sense of whether your own furnishings will fit comfortably. You also get a better sense of how the home flows and if it will be comfortable for your lifestyle.

Make a list of wants and needs. This ties in with getting a feel for how the home fits your lifestyle. By visiting various model homes, you may see layouts that you hadn’t considered, such as the owner’s suite on the ground floor or the laundry on the second floor. Make a list of the things you need in a home and the things you really want in a home, but remain open to some new ideas and arrangements. You may be surprised and find some priorities shifting, or at least moving to another part of the home! On the other hand, things like kitchens and bathrooms may have certain personal requirements, or you may absolutely need a dedicated home office. Knowing what is a make-or-break feature is important, though you can ask the sales counselor for other floor plans or options that may meet those needs.

Take plenty of photos and make notes. Inevitably, you’ll see a number of homes during your search. The more photos and notes you take, the easier it is to remember each home clearly. Definitely make note of the things that particularly appeal to you and any issues that may leave you with doubts. These details will help you make your final choice. Plus, photos are a great way of remembering decor styles and elements that you like and may want to incorporate into your own new home. If you’re building from scratch or working with a designer, these photos can be a big help in explaining what you want.

Feel free to ask questions. The sales counselors are there to help you and answer your questions. Don’t be afraid to ask any question if it’s relevant to what you want in a home. They can typically answer questions about the home, the community, and potentially answer questions about the surrounding area and city if you’re new or unfamiliar with the area.

Have fun during your visits to various Smiths Station AL homes. These model homes are a great way to help you imagine actually living in the home, so — within reason, of course — pretend that you’re home and essentially try the house on to see if it’s a good fit. By the end of the visits, you may be saying yes to a new house!

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This post was written by Rose Anne Erickson

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