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Tips for Painting a Ceiling

July 19, 2020

One of benefits of touring multiple Columbus GA homes is that you can get ideas and start to envision how you would like your home to look. Now that you have moved into your new home, do you have the DIY bug? Painting is an easy and cost-effective way to give your room a new refreshed look! Painting your ceiling is a great DIY project that will certainly transform your space. Read below to find tips for paining a ceiling.

  1. Select your paint color – Figure out which paint color will best be suited for your space and purchase it as well as a primer. You can paint the ceiling a solid color or create a design.
  2. Gather your painting supplies – You will need an angled edge brush, paint roller, extended pole, roller tray, and step ladder to complete this task.
  3. Start with a blank canvas – We are not talking about ceiling. Clear out the room you are painting in as much as possible. For things that you cannot remove, make sure you cover appropriately so that nothing gets spilled on there.
  4. Cover your floor – Use a canvas, plastic drop cloth, or rosin paper to cover your floors from spillage. Hold the canvas, cloth, or paper together with masking tape so that it stays secure on the floor.
  5. Use painter’s tape – Apply painter’s tape to the ceiling line to protect your walls and crown molding. This will help to avoid paint spilling onto the walls. You can also use painter’s tape to for any light and ceiling fixtures and hardware that cannot be removed.
  6. Prime first – Before you actually paint your ceiling make sure you prime it first. This will provide a stain barrier for your ceiling and help reduce the number of coats you will need to apply.
  7. Roll and paint – Fill your painter’s tray with paint. Roll your paint roller over the paint to coat it. Make sure this is no drippage coming off of the paint roller. Affix your extended poll to the paint roller and apply the first coat to the main focal space of the ceiling. Use the angled edge brush for the corners. Do not paint in straight lines. Zig zag painting or V-shapes are ideal. Do not remove the roller off the ceiling and apply the paint evenly. Allow the paint to completely dry before deciding if you will apply an additional coat.
  8. Almost finished – You have just finished painting your ceiling. But that is not the last step. Make sure to remove the painter’s tape before the paint dries up. Wipe down and clean your brushes before storing them. Reset the room once everything is dried and enjoy your painted space!

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