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Tips for Figuring Out Your Design Style

July 18, 2021

You have just purchased your brand-new home in your new homes in Smiths Station AL community! After signing on the dotted line and collecting the keys, it is time to design! Use these tips to figure out your design style.

Start exploring – Sometimes we do not know what we want until we see it. Look at furniture store showrooms, interior decorating magazines, TV shows, and the Internet to get ideas. Create an interior design board, get fabric swatches samples, paint swatches, and anything else that will help you narrow down your style. Your closet may also help you narrow down your design style. Do you see a pattern or color that shows up frequently in your wardrobe? That could be a sign for what you like and how you should decorate.

Think by rooms – Do not get overwhelmed by trying to plan out the interior design of your entire home. Instead, think about designing your home by each room. Will you have to design the whole room, or do you already have pieces that you will just need to design around? Start with the most important rooms, such as the bedroom, dining room, kitchen, and go from there to figure out what is needed to complete each room.

Select furniture that fits and is comfortable – Before you purchase any furniture it is important to ensure it will fit nicely in the space. You do not want furniture that overcrowds or is too small. Measure the area you are looking to furnish to confirm the pieces will fit and flow well. The feel of the furniture is just as important as the look. Make sure the furniture is comfortable and fits your lifestyle and needs

Accessories are a must – From area rugs, lighting, and window coverings to artwork, baskets, flowers, photographs, plants, and vases, no room or home is complete without accessories. Accessories are a great way to add pizzaz to a room. Consider your needs and the overall tone of your home to finalize the space.

Your home is truly a reflection of your personality. Whatever style you select should not only fits you but inspires you and makes you happy. If you are in the market for a new home call Rose Anne Erickson today at 706-257-1776 to learn about homes in Smiths Station AL.

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