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Tips for Buying a Home Today

September 3, 2022

While the housing market has been great for sellers, it hasn’t been as positive for buyers. As a result, many people put off their search for a new home. However, that’s starting to change as more homes come on the market. It’s still a sellers market, but if you have an excellent real estate agent in Columbus GA especially one from Rose Anne Erickson Realty, you’re on your way to finding your dream home.

In fact, having an experienced real estate agent working with you is one of the best ways to handle today’s home-buying market. With your budget and needs in mind, they’ll find the best options available and guide you toward locations and homes you may not have considered before, but could end up being an ideal option. They also know when and how to make the most attractive offer and can negotiate for you and help you head off other buyers.

Of course, this means you need to be open minded about the type of home and the location. You may have had your heart set on a specific city, neighborhood, or type of home, but let your agent show you some alternatives. You may find that new construction, or a townhome, or simply a home in a different city or neighborhood that you had initially crossed off may be a great idea after all. The key is to keep your mind open and to keep your eyes open to see that these options may not be the negatives you thought they were.

Finally, pay attention to the current mortgage interest rates. They play a significant role in what you can afford. Even a small change in mortgage rates can significantly change your monthly payments. If rates increase, you may need to look at less expensive homes or go for a lower home loan. Of course, if rates decrease, your purchasing power increases as well. You may not have to make as many concessions in terms of location and the type of home you envisioned.

Be aware of the current housing market and how it affects you. Fortunately, a top-notch real estate agent in Columbus GA can be a big help in guiding you through the current home market. If you’re ready to seriously begin your search for a new home, contact Rose Anne Realty today and let us help you in your search for that ideal home.

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