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The Two-Toned Kitchen Design Trend

February 18, 2023

Just as matching furniture sets have lost a lot of their appeal, matching kitchen cabinets are being replaced. Look at the latest designer kitchens in some of the Columbus GA real estate and you’ll see a mix of cabinet styles, hardware, and colors. The latest trend is for more color throughout the home and that is obvious with the growing popularity of two-toned kitchens.

There’s a lot of freedom in how you choose to create your own two-toned kitchen and the colors don’t have to be in the same hue. Among the many options are a combination of wood and paint, contrasting colors, or light and dark versions of a single color.

Where you use the colors is also up to you. You could try a light wood stain for your lower cabinets and a bright yellow for upper cabinets. Another option is to choose a bold color for the kitchen island and let the rest of the cabinets in the kitchen serve as a neutral background. Alternatively, the island could be the neutral area with the main cabinets in a more eye-catching color. When working with different shades of the same color, you may want to choose the darker shade for the bottom cabinets and the lighter color for the top.

One way to help you decide how to use your colors is to determine the area where you most want to draw the eye. The two-tone style creates contrast. You can use the colors to draw the eye to the cabinets themselves, or to serve as contrasts for counters, or to emphasize everything from high ceilings to pot racks.

While a two-tone kitchen is a growing trend, it’s a trend that makes it easy to update kitchens and give them a fresh look. This is particularly useful if you are looking at Columbus GA real estate and find a home with a kitchen that you like, but feel that it needs more modern styling. Painting is much easier than an entire remodel and can make a big difference. Whether you’re building a new home, updating your current kitchen, or want to add your own touch to the kitchen of a newly purchased home, consider a two-toned kitchen for a classic yet modern look. If you are in the market for a new home, be sure to contact Rose Anne Erickson Realty to help you find the home and kitchen that you’ll love.

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The Two-Toned Kitchen Design Trend

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