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The Top 2021 Interior Color Trends

October 24, 2020

A new year is fast approaching! A new year will be a welcomed sign for so many across the globe and in our homes in Midland GA community. A new year also means there will be new popular color trends to look out for and incorporate into your interior home design. Check out these top 2021 interior color trends.

  1. Dark blue gray – This dark blue color with hints of gray will be a popular color in 2021. It is a great color to create a calming and relaxing sensation within your home.
  2. Lemon yellow – Saturate your home with zest next year! A cheerful and calming color, lemon yellow is sure to bring enjoyment and sunshine into your space. Lemon yellow goes well in bathrooms and kitchens, though it can be accessorized in many ways too.
  3. Mint green – This bright and lovely color will be seen not only on interior walls but also in accessories and furniture. Mint green is calming, tranquil, and will add an elegant element into your home. Colors that complement mint green well are black, blue, gray, sage, sandy brown, and white.
  4. Peach – Peach is a delicate, elegant, and fashionable color that will look absolutely fabulous in your home. Consider adding peach into your home décor through paint, window coverings, shower curtains, bedspreads, throw pillows or blankets, or even a bowl of peaches placed on your kitchen table or counter.
  5. Turquoise – The different shades of blue are always popular choices in home décor. This year, you will see turquoise a lot more in interior home design next year. This versatile ocean color should be incorporated to create a peaceful space in your home.

These five colors are just a small sampling of what is to come next year. Which of these top interior color trends for 2021 do you plan on infusing into your home décor? Which top colors do you hope to see in and around your homes in Midland GA community?

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This post was written by Rose Anne Erickson

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