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The ABCs of DIY Decorating

April 28, 2015

Opelika AL homes for sale
If you have bought one of the beautiful Opelika AL homes for sale you may already be thinking about decorating your new place. Decorating your home can feel like an overwhelming task. Where do you begin or how much is going to cost? These two questions can render any homeowner paralyzed, thus ending up not doing anything all the while complaining about your current décor. Never fear, it doesn’t take much to update your house to make it feel like home.

You don’t have to paint every room in your home a different color to add color to your home. You can leave your walls white and use accessories to brighten up your home. Here are a few pieces that will help to add style to your home.

C: Clothes Pins: Use clothes pins to hold 4”x 6” black-and-white photos attached to a white rope. By not having frames you will be able to change out photos frequently.

G: Galvanized Metal Lighting: Adding galvanized metal lighting, sconces, or pendants to your kitchen or bathroom to give you a fun outdoor feel.

E: Extra Storage: Add wood or pipe shelving to give you more storage in your kitchen. Put your silverware, dishes, mugs, etc.

B: Bold Rug: A bold pattern will brighten up your room with a pattern and color.

S: Second Hand Furniture: Make use of Aunt Wanda’s hutch or table. You can display pictures or a collection of knick-knacks.

L: Leather Sofa: A leather sofa is a classic and so easy to care for, especially if you have children. All you have to do is wipe it down with leather wipes to clean it up.

Q: Quirky Seating: Use fun seating to change up a room and to add some personality. You can use old stadium seats, a bench, 50’s-60’s inspired seating, etc.

O: Ottoman: Pair your quirky seating with a fun ottoman or pouf. Pick one that has a fun pattern and/or color to add texture to your room.

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This post was written by Rose Anne Erickson

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