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Stage Your Garage to Sell Your Home in Winter

January 23, 2018

If winter chills in your current house have you dreaming of Midland GA new homes, you may be ready to prepare your home for sale. While you get the living areas in showroom shape, don’t forget the garage! It can be staged just like the rest of the house to attract buyers. Here’s how:

  1. Eliminate clutter. Sell, donate or discard anything you no longer want. Take large out-of-season or rarely used items to an off-site storage unit. Organize the rest of your garage contents in a neat, attractive system of shelves, racks, cabinets and/or bins. Aim to free up as much floor space as possible.
  2. With the clutter gone, take time to clean the interior. Sweep down cobwebs, clean the windows and scrub the floor. Touch up the paint or repaint the entire space if necessary.
  3. Make sure all lights work well and install additional lighting if necessary. Create the feel of a light, bright area that serves as more than storage space.
  4. Check your doors. They should be attractive, with no dents or damage and they should work smoothly. Be sure the doors seal well at the bottom and sides and that they lock securely. Consider painting or updating the doors if they detract from the appearance of your house.
  5. Show alternate uses. If there is an area at the back or sides of the garage that isn’t needed for vehicles and storage, consider staging it as a man cave or workshop area. For a man cave, add a recliner, small fridge and a television. For a workshop, add a workbench and shelves or a pegboard with tool hangers.
  6. Warm it up. An unheated garage is not a pleasant place to be in the winter. If you want to stage an area as a workshop or man cave, consult with a heating company to see if you can extend heat to the garage. Or add electric baseboard heaters or space heaters. Just be sure to observe manufacturer’s safety precautions, especially if you have fuels or chemicals stored in the garage.
  7. Keep it clean. Not easy to do in winter, but try not to bring snow, dirt and moisture into the garage on vehicles or shoes. Clean up any puddles or dirt as soon as possible to keep the garage ready for showings.

Are you looking for a new home with a spacious garage you can customize to suit your needs? Rose Anne Erickson Realty can help you find Midland GA new homes with garages that are right for you.

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