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Spring Cleaning Tips to Make Your Home Visitor-Ready

April 10, 2018

Spring is here, and all over Columbus Georgia, homes will be cleaned from top to bottom in the traditional rite of spring cleaning. If you don’t have time to deep clean your entire house, focus on the areas that are most visible. Getting these areas in top shape will give you the confidence that your home is visitor-ready!


Scrub or launder doormats. While they’re drying, wipe down the door and clean the glass. Next, clean the mirror and the glass in picture frames. Clear off and wipe down hall tables, remove clutter and rearrange what’s left. Clear out the coat closet and remove outgrown or unwanted items to donate. Vacuum inside the closet, wipe down shelves and return belongings. Mop or vacuum the entry hall floors. Replace doormats when mats and floor are dry. For a final touch, put a beautiful spring flower arrangement on the entry hall table.


Start by wiping down the tops of cabinets, the top of the fridge, the range hood and hanging light fixtures. Then wash countertops, cabinet fronts and backsplashes. Clean the pans under stove burners. If you have a smooth cooktop, use cooktop cleaner and a blade to scrape off residue according to manufacturer’s directions. Empty the fridge and freezer and wash the interiors with soapy water or a vinegar and water solution. Throw out any expired food. Wipe out the microwave. Finally, set the oven to self-clean and mop the floor.


Wipe down shelves and cabinets, throwing out any expired or unwanted cosmetics and toiletries.  Thoroughly scrub the shower and tub, then clean the toilet. Use glass cleaner or a vinegar and water solution to clean the window and mirror. Lastly, mop the floor.

Family Room

Enlist the family to sort through and tidy their belongings. Empty the entertainment center, dust the shelves and reorganize the contents. Vacuum upholstered furniture and wash throws. Clean the windows and picture frame glass. Dust the ceiling fan and clean out the fireplace. Clear off and wipe down coffee table and end tables. Vacuum, including behind and under furniture.

Dining Room

Dust the tops of high furniture. Clean windows, pictures and chandeliers. Dust and polish furniture. Dust chairs and vacuum upholstered seats. Vacuum the floor. For a finishing touch, put a colorful cloth or runner on the table and top it with a centerpiece or vase of flowers.

If you’d rather do your spring cleaning in a new home, contact Rose Anne Erickson Realty at 706-257-1776 to ask about Columbus Georgia homes.

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