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Sherwin-Williams 2020 Paint Color Forecast

October 5, 2019

Choosing paint colors for your new home in Columbus GA is easier than ever with the new Colormix forecast from Sherwin-Williams. The forecast reveals which colors will be popular in the coming year and shows you how to use them together.

The 45 new colors are organized into 5 themed palettes to help you create the mood you want in your new home. Use these themed color groupings for inspiration when planning your décor:


Inspired by the colors of the American southwest, this grouping is perfect for those who like rich, vibrant environments. It includes 3 beautiful blue shades called Naval, Sleepy Blue and Endless Sea. Ripe Olive provides dark accents, while Tassel is a bright tan neutral. Cavern Clay, Touch of Sand, Sandbank and Canyon Clay all have touches of red.


Just as the name implies, this collection tends toward the soothing side of the color spectrum with cool blues and pale dusty pinks. They function as soft neutrals that express a feeling of serenity. With names like Misty, Breathless and Mystical Shade, these colors would be perfect for a bedroom, spa bathroom or yoga studio.


Bright, happy colors are the star of this collection inspired by the concepts of energy and humor. Perk up any space with a splash of Juneberry, Eros Pink or Gambol Gold. Oceanside and Aquarium bring in the blues. Set off these bright colors with touches of black and white in Rock Candy or Caviar.


This soothing, low-key collection has slightly bolder colors than “Mantra.” These are the colors of nature and the seasons, designed to create a sense of sanctuary. Fittingly, the collection is dominated by blues and greens such as Pewter Green and Stardew. Complement them in your décor with Beige Intenso, Kingdom Gold or Eider White.


Pink-leaning colors such as Coral Clay and Likeable Sand dominate this collection, along with cool earthy tones like Angora and Redend Point. Diverse Beige and Cocoa Whip are versatile grays. Use these colors where you want to set a mood of harmony and comfort.

Rose Anne Erickson Realty can help you choose a brand new home to customize with your favorite color collection. Call us today at 706-257-1776. We’ll help you find your ideal new home in Columbus GA.

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