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Seven Tips to Creating a Video Conferencing Room

September 8, 2020

These days a lot more people are finding themselves working from their homes in Midland GA. And that means video conferencing more now than ever to stay connected both professionally and personally. Video conferencing requires not only good audio and visuals for your calls. Use these seven tips to create the perfect space to hold your calls.

  1. Check your Internet connection– You may find your wireless Internet connection to be slower or weaker in certain areas of your home. Make sure you set up your video conferencing room in an area of your home that has a strong connection.
  2. Test your audio and video connections – You do not want technical difficulties right before a very important call. Test both your audio and video connections to make sure you will be heard as well as seen.
  3. Set up in a private area – You probably have seen those viral videos of kids barging into video conferencing calls or pets popping in and out of frame. Though they are cute and provide plenty of LOL moments, they definitely are not professional and usually cause the parents or pet owners to have an “oh no” or “this cannot be happening” moment. That is why it is important to set yourself up in an area that will provide you with privacy. A dedicated office will work perfectly for your video conferencing calls. If you do not have a dedicated office, you could create one with some sort of room divider.
  4. Create a professional backdrop – Visuals are an important aspect to video conferencing. Remember, everything within the webcam frame will be on the screen so it is important to keep it neat and simple. You do not want something within the frame that will distract those on the other end. Books, artwork that is not too busy, and plants are all great accessories for your video conferencing room.
  5. Good lighting is a must – You may not be hosting the evening news from the confines of your home, but good lighting is still important. Do not position yourself directly in front of a light source such as a window or light. This will create a silhouette or create a washout effect. Natural light, a desk lamp or floor lamp can be used as a good source of lighting.
  6. Your angels are everything – The positioning of your webcam is important. The frame should include both shoulders up to a little above your head. And your camera should be at eye level so that you are not looking up at or down on anybody.
  7. Be comfortable – If you are uncomfortable it probably will show on camera. Get a chair that is not only comfortable but also one that will not make you want to rotate in. Avoid fidgeting and anything else that will make you less attentive to the call.

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