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Listing Steps

Listing Your Home with Rose Anne Erickson Realty

We are not just another Listing Expert Company, along with our Specialized Team of New Home Sales Team, we are the complete package!  Where most Realtors attempt to handle everything by themself, as one, Rose Anne Erickson has an entire team of professionals that are working for you.  From the Listing Coordinator, the Sales Coordinator, Partner Realtors, and an entire team of experienced Realtors helping us, help you!  Don’t feel like you have to settle for one, when you can have it all… call today for an informal listing phone conversation, or for a scheduled appointment to show you what we can do for you!  Contact Rose Anne Erickson Realty, LLC. at 706-257-1776.

We are the experts, and will make sure all legal guidelines are followed and that you don’t get involved in anything that may affect you legally or financially.


Steps to Listing Your Home

1. Price your home with facts and information available with Multi Listing Services, Public Records, Upgrades, Features that other homes may or may not have, number of days on the market for other similar homes sold, listing price versus actual selling price, and even open current competition that might have an impact.  This will allow us to come up with the best price to list your home, with the best potential for getting your home sold quickly.

2. Suggest and advise you as to any changes that you may want to make to your property to make it more saleable.

3. Develop the Marketing Plan that will provide the most exposure for your home, which includes all venues; Homes and Land Magazine, Real Estate Magazine, Ft. Benning and other Military Newspapers and Magazines, The Columbus Ledger and Enquirer, multiple Internet Web Sites, to include the top sites available.  We also have billboards, open houses, signs, and other marketing tools available to us to ensure your home receives the most exposure. We create and distribute Professional Flyers about your home as well.

4. Introduce and promote your home to Rose Anne Erickson’s Team of experienced Realtors, as well as our network of Realtors in Columbus GA, Alabama and other States.

5. Talk to potential buyers and answer any questions or concerns.

6. Submit your home to both Multiple Listing Services; Georgia and Alabama Multiple Listing Services, which allows all Realtors that are members to be aware of your home.

7. Place a professional sign on lot and lock-box on door which will provide additional exposure and attract “drive-by buyers”, as well as other Realtors that may have potential clients that would have interest in your home.

8. Do everything possible to allow only Pre-Qualified Buyers to enter your home.

9. Provide a wide-range of financing opportunities to potential buyers.

10. Follow-up with the Realtors that show your home and obtain feedback (both positive and negative) that will be provided back to you in a timely manner!

11. Provide you with current and changing market conditions throughout the Listing Period.  Together, come up with new and innovative ideas to market.

12. Coordinate Open Houses for both Agents and the Public (separately).

13. Represent you in all negotiations, ensuring we obtaining the best possible price and terms for you.

14. Coordinate and manage all Co-Op Agent responsibilities, loan progress, and Attorney communication once we have an accepted agreement.

15. Provide everyone with all the information and consistent communication necessary to assure a smooth transaction and a most importantly, a smooth closing with happy customers – YOU!

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