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Revive Your Landscape After Winter

March 24, 2019

Winter has loosened its grip on Smiths Station AL homes, but have your landscape plants made it through the freezin’ season? Now is the time to get outside and check on your plants. Here are some things to look for, along with a few hints for rejuvenating your outdoor plants now that spring has arrived:

Clean up.

Winter can wreak havoc on a landscape. Some plants will die back naturally no matter what the weather does, while others suffer from too much cold or wind. Prune off any dead or broken branches from trees and shrubs. Cut off dead perennial stems and leaves from last year. Trim dead ornamental grasses back to the ground and pull out any remaining dried-up annuals. Once all that is done, clean fallen leaves, twigs and branches from the lawn.

Check for fresh growth.

Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether a dormant plant is dead or alive. If you have any doubt, look closely for signs of new growth. Are there new leaves or buds forming on the branch tips? Can you see any new leaves emerging from the base of perennials? If you still aren’t sure, lightly scratch a branch or stem and look for green underneath. If all else fails, wait a few more weeks to see if any signs of growth appear.

Replace dead plants.

Once you’ve removed the dead plants, it’s time to replace them. Perennials and shrubs are ideal for long-term landscape designs. Choose plants that are hardy in your region. Ask a local garden center for advice about choosing plants and when to plant them.


Your new landscape is installed and you want it to thrive. Apply a balanced slow-release fertilizer once the growing season starts. Follow label directions for best results.

Plan for next winter.

Consult an expert at your local garden center, university extension service or online to find out how to protect your landscape from winter hazards. Find advice specific to your growing region. By properly preparing your garden for winter and protecting it from harsh weather, you can greet next spring with your most beautiful landscape ever.

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