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Raise Your Porch-Decorating Game

November 3, 2019

Porches can add a touch of tradition, hospitality and grace to the exteriors of Midland GA homes. To make them really shine, though, you need to decorate them well for each season. Forget about using the same old wreaths and doormats that you keep in rotation every year. This time do something different, starting now.

Try these fall decorating ideas to make your porch a seasonal standout on your block:

  • Now that Halloween is over, you’ll want to remove your jack-o-lanterns and anything else that is obviously related to the holiday. However, you can still decorate with pumpkins. Up your game by using white pumpkins or unusually shaped gourds. You can also decorate basic pumpkins with glitter, splatter paint, sponge prints in leaf shapes or decoupage them with colorful fabric.
  • Use a wide strip of colorful plaid fabric to tie bundles of dry cornstalks to your porch posts or a nearby lamppost.
  • Dried Indian corn makes a nice accent for the cornstalk bundles, or it can be hung on the front door instead of a wreath.
  • Welcome Thanksgiving guests with a door decoration made from a cornucopia-shaped basket filled with dried flowers. This idea works best on doors that are well protected from rain.
  • Set out a basket of pinecones beside the door or on a small table. The pinecones can stay in place as your décor transitions from autumn to the holidays. Tuck in a few real or faux fall leaves now and replace them with pine, holly or magnolia sprigs for the holidays.
  • Live potted chrysanthemums come in many colors and will bloom throughout the fall season. Place them in colorful hand-painted pots to up your decorating game.
  • Warm up a porch swing or bench with a plaid throw or an array of pillows in your favorite team colors.
  • Go ahead and hang a wreath on your door, but make it something unusual. Instead of fall leaves, try spiky wheat stems, dried hydrangea flowers or a trendy ruffled burlap wreath.

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