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Prepare Your Yard for Summer Fun

April 29, 2018

Summer is on its way and it’s time to get homes in Phenix City AL ready for outdoor fun! Whether you plan to host neighborhood barbecues or just want to spend time swinging in a hammock, here are some tips to get your yard ready for the outdoor season:

  • Take down any remaining winter decorations and store them away. Ditto for snow shovels, sidewalk de-icer and anything that reminds you of winter!
  • Clean up the lawn by picking up sticks, clumps of lingering fallen leaves and debris from winter storms. This will make your yard look better instantly as well as making it easier to mow the grass.
  • Go over your trees, shrubs and planting beds to remove any broken branches, dead foliage or dried-up flower heads from last year’s growth. Make note of any empty spots so you can plan to purchase new plants for those areas.
  • Remove old mulch if you’ve had insect or disease problems and replace it with fresh mulch. If you haven’t had any problems, simply add a new layer of mulch to freshen up the appearance of your landscape.
  • Fertilize lawns if needed. Keep in mind that centipede grass looks best when it’s not over-fertilized. Test your soil pH with a simple kit and apply pelletized lime if needed.
  • Water lawns deeply once a week during dry periods.
  • Prepare your lawn mower for use or schedule your lawn care company to begin regular mowing.
  • Mow the lawn about once a week, cutting off no more than the top third of the grass at a time.
  • Watch for fire ant mounds and treat quickly, keeping your safety in mind. Information about various natural and chemical DIY methods is available online, or you can hire a pest professional to handle the job.
  • Plant annuals, herbs and vegetables after frost is no longer a concern. Put out hanging baskets and container plantings. Plant out summer bulbs such as dahlias and gladiolus.
  • Put out your summer lawn furniture and decor, prepare the grill and hang up that hammock. Now you can sit back and enjoy the summer in your beautiful yard!

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