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Plants That Can Handle the Heat

June 16, 2019

The best way to ensure beautiful landscaping around new homes in Opelika AL is to include plants that can tolerate the South’s intense summer heat. Fortunately, there are some plants that are exceptionally good at looking fabulous all summer long.


This classic Southern shrub has fragrant white flowers and shiny dark green foliage. Older varieties can grow to six feet tall, but most modern cultivars are more compact. Gardenias love the heat but require some TLC to do their best. In very hot areas, they prefer some afternoon shade.


Another quintessential Southern blooming shrub, this one definitely prefers some shade. Different varieties bloom from fall through early spring. Many variations make this a versatile plant in the landscape.


Also known as African lilies, these showy plants have clusters of flowers on tall stalks that rise above the foliage. They’re dramatic, easy to grow, not bothered by diseases or pests and they make good cut flowers. You’ll find them in shades of white, blue and purple.


Native to the Mediterranean region, lavender is a perennial that loves hot, dry weather and plenty of sun. Popular as a dried flower in sachets, it has a long blooming season and is drought tolerant.


These well-known plants come in a range of sizes from petite to mammoth. The cheery yellow or orange flowers attract bees and other pollinators. Larger varieties also produce edible seeds. Sunflowers are very easy to grow and are a great first plant for children.


Long-blooming liatris is an ornamental perennial with tall spikes of frilly flowers throughout the summer. They make good cut flowers and are easy to care for.


Blooming in winter or early spring, hellebores add color when few other plants are flowering. They are ideal for shady areas and woodland settings. Some varieties are evergreen.


Few plants can compete with viburnum for year-round interest. These low-maintenance shrubs boast fragrant blossoms in the spring or summer, colorful foliage in the fall and bright red berries in the winter. Viburnum can adapt to a range of growing conditions.

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