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Outdoor Decorating Tips

June 21, 2022

With Memorial Day behind us, you’ve probably already started making plans for some outdoor entertaining this summer. Even if it’s just a small gathering of friends or even just your family, having a nice outdoor area in your homes in Auburn AL helps you make the most of your home. A good outdoor area can be like a second family room if done well. Here are some decorating tips to help you make the most of your outdoor space.

Start with outdoor furniture that is actually comfortable and somewhere you don’t mind sitting for a while. The classic wicker and rattan are nice, but can sometimes end up pretty uncomfortable. Look for pieces that look more like your family room furniture! You want cushions that are firm enough to be comfortable to sit on and to lean back on. Don’t just rely on some throw pillows.There’s a fantastic selection available these days and in some stylish color options, as well.

In fact, with the new fabrics that can help resist heat and moisture, you can even go edgy if you want with sleek black furniture and seat cushions. If you prefer something a little more traditional, still think about some darker colors or bolder colors. The darker colors help hide any dirt, whereas some of the more traditional light colors and prints can show up stains and dirt. The trend these days is for solid colored covers for the primary seating cushions and using colorful prints for the fun, whimsical touch.

To continue the idea of making your outdoor space almost an extension of your family room, look for pieces that play the same role, indoors or out. You’ll find more outdoor furniture that is designed to serve as drink trays, or outdoor mirrors to make a small space look bigger, or even outdoor artwork that is protected against the elements. Don’t forget an outdoor rug to really pull your seating area together.

If you have a covered patio, there’s a lot you can do to add some real style to the space. Consider painting the ceiling a fun color, such as a light blue to mimic the sky, or a pale yellow like a happy sunny day. If you have a covered patio area that is open on the sides, consider hanging up some appropriate curtains. They can be used to act as bug repellant, as well as offer some shade from the worst of the sun

When you plan your outdoor area, think about the number of people you’re likely to have over regularly and make sure there’s enough seating and tables to make sure everyone is comfortable. If you have the room, consider adding in a porch swing, or for even more fun, add in a mini bar area, which is also a great place to act as a serving station. You and your guests don’t have to keep going in and out when everything can be right at your fingertips.

Finally, as you finish decorating the outdoor areas of your homes in Auburn AL, don’t forget the lighting. Hang and drape strings of lights, especially with paper lanterns, for soft lighting. You could also wrap strings of lights around trees or in bushes to add to the charm of the space. Don’t forget some solar lights to put around the bases of trees further out in your yard to add some additional lighting that makes your yard look magical. When put all together, your outdoor area really can become just as much a part of your home as the inside!

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This post was written by Rose Anne Erickson

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