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Organizing Mistakes That Make Your House Look Messy

September 22, 2015

There are so many beautiful homes for sale in Midland, GA. If you and your family are looking for a new home you maybe wondering how you can make your home clean and organized for your showing. You just cleaned your house from top to bottom but why doesn’t it look clean? According to professional organizers there are common organizing mistakes that can make your clean home look messy. Here are some of the common mistakes and how to solve them to make your home look not only clean but tidy too.

Clean doesn’t mean Organized

Neat piles on the counter doesn’t mean that you’re organized or clean. If your counters and flat surfaces are getting cluttered then it is time for you to make a home for the clutter. Designate a spot for the items that are piling up to live and you will eliminate the piles.

Keeping Counter Too Empty

Once you have removed the piles from your kitchen counters make sure you make room for the items that you use everyday. Making those things that you use daily easily accessible will make it easier to keep your surfaces clean and organized. For instance if you make a smoothie every morning, make a spot for your blender.

Refrigerator Message Center

Using your fridge as your home’s message center is another organizing mistake. Usually the fridge is the focal point of the kitchen and when it is covered in post-it notes, photos, invitations, etc. it can really make your whole kitchen look cluttered. Instead find an area that can be your home’s message center or you can even use a clipboard on the wall of your kitchen to keep such items. When the clipboard gets full then it is time to go through it.

A Dysfunctional Entryway

Your entryway is the first impression that your visitors get of your home. It is most often covered with shoes, backpacks, coats, umbrellas, etc. The solution is to rearrange your coat closet in the entryway that will help keep you and the kids organized. Get rid of the one bar for coat and add a shelves and or pegs for your kids to hang their coats and back packs. You can even put a basket by the door for their shoes.

Family Picture Overload

We are all proud of our family but and abundance of picture frames and knick-knacks can make your home look very cluttered and tend to collect dust. It can also make your home look dated. Instead do a gallery wall of all the same size prints in simple frames leading up a stair way or hung as a collection instead of scattered throughout the house.

Home or Toy Store?

If you have kids like I do it is easy to have toys in every room in the house. Limiting the amount of toys you have will greatly help as well as keeping the toys in only one to two rooms in your home. This is where the toys live. Your home will look cleaner and more organized.

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This post was written by Rose Anne Erickson

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