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Organize Your Pantry

May 26, 2015

new homes in Auburn ALSpring is almost over and Summer is on the horizon. Now is the time to finish up your spring cleaning by organizing your pantry with your summer necessities. Think of your pantry in zones! Divide you pantry into zones to help you keep your food organized and help you to scale down your meal prep time.

First you will need to come up with how you designate your zones to maximize the organization and functionality of your pantry. You can set categories to help meet your family’s needs like unexpected entertaining, baking, lunches, weeknight dinners, weekend dinners, etc.

Zone 1: Unexpected Guests

You may want to designate this zone to impromptu entertaining. If you are one of the many families who have purchased one of the new homes in Auburn AL you may find yourself entering a lot more these days! This zone would contain selections that are fast and easy to make appetizers, cocktail napkins, toothpicks, etc. Place these items on a tray so all you have to do is pull out the tray and your are ready to get the unexpected party started!

Zone 2: Baking

In this area keep all of your dry ingredients like flour, sugar, etc. should be stored in clear air tight containers that are clearly marked and neatly stacked. You can place your mixes, frosting, and other ingredients in this area as well.

Zone 3: Quick and Easy Weeknight Meals

In this zone put a week’s worth of dinner supplies in sturdy bins. Ideally this zone should be eye level. You can use a different bin to house each meal’s supplies. By planning ahead and shopping for several meals at a time, including the main dish as well as sides, will help to cut your meal prep time in half. You can also attach a label to the bin naming the meal as well as attach the recipe.

Zone 4: General Food Storage

Place similar foods together such as veggies, fruits, soups, spices, etc. Arrange them on the shelf in rows. You can also add stair step shelves so you are able to view all of the containers.

Zone 5: Pool Time or On the Run Lunches

This is the area to store your lunch items like disposable utensils, napkins, bags, containers. You can also place snack packs and other go to lunch items in this area. This will make pulling together your lunch a breeze!

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This post was written by Rose Anne Erickson

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