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Now is the Perfect Time to Declutter Your Travel Gear

July 29, 2018

Every year people leave their Midland GA homes to go on vacation. Some head to the beach for a summer break while others wait for winter to go skiing in the mountains. A lucky few get to travel throughout the year. Whatever your vacation style, you can have a more enjoyable trip and an easier time packing if you take a few minutes to declutter your travel gear before the next trip. Here are some tips to get you started:


Take a good look at your collection of suitcases. Do you really need all of them? Do they fit your current needs? Discard or donate any that you no longer use. Replace those that are badly scuffed or fraying, have iffy latches or just don’t “suit” you anymore. For simplicity’s sake, keep only the things you really use and consider assigning a color or pattern to each family member. Clean out each piece after every trip and store them in an organized, easy-to-access way.


Sort through your toiletry case and throw out any expired cosmetics or personal care items. While the case is empty, clean it according the manufacturer’s directions. Make a list of replenishment items such as a fresh bar of your favorite soap, small lotions or toothpaste. If you travel frequently, you’ve probably accumulated a sizable collection of miniature soaps, shampoos and lotions that you’ll never use. Consider donating these to a homeless shelter or other worthy cause.

Beach Gear

Now is the time to replace faded beach towels, worn-out flip flops and the swimsuit that no longer fits. Replenish your sunscreen supply if needed and purchase backups for things that are easily lost, like sunglasses.

Sports Gear

If your vacations center around sports travel, such as skiing or hiking, take inventory of your equipment. Replace anything that is no longer safe or comfortable to use.

Travel Pillow and Accessories

There are so many styles of travel pillows, eye masks and other comfort items that there’s no point in putting up with ones that don’t do their job. After all, the sole purpose of these items is to make travel easier. If they don’t do that for you, replace them!

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