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Moving Day Must-Haves

June 10, 2019 10:45 pm Published by Comments Off on Moving Day Must-Haves

Summer is peak season for people moving to new homes in Columbus GA. If you’re moving, you already know you’ll need basic supplies like cardboard boxes and packing tape. You may not know that there are some specialized supplies that will make the job easier for you and safer for your belongings. Moving day can be much smoother with these helpful items:

Alternative Boxes

Sure, you’ve collected a nice pile of good old cardboard boxes from friends and family. You may have even bought a few new boxes from your local discount store. But there are other kinds of boxes that may be better for certain situations. Liquor store boxes are meant to protect bottles of wine and can do the same for your glassware or small vases. You can also rent hard plastic moving boxes from rental centers. They’re super-sturdy and can protect your belongings better than cardboard.

Colored Tape and Labels

To keep things organized when they arrive at your new home, use a color-coded system of tape or labels to mark each box according to which room it should go in. Or you can color-code by how soon you’ll need to open the boxes. Try red labels for things you’ll need immediately upon moving in, yellow for things that can wait a few days and green for those “I’ll get to it when I can” possessions.

Wrapping Materials

Sure, we’ve all used newspapers to wrap items when packing. But newspaper has its drawbacks. The ink can rub off on your items, and nowadays fewer people have subscriptions, so there aren’t as many newspapers lying around at home. Spend a little money on plain newsprint or packing paper and you won’t have to wash off ink stains or ask everyone you know for their old papers. Invest in a roll of bubble wrap or biodegradable packing peanuts for super-fragile objects.

Cart or Dolly

A handcart or dolly can be indispensable during a move. You may be able to borrow one from a friend. If not, rent one or if you plan to use it often, buy your own. Just be prepared when friends call to borrow it for their moves!

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