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Modern Bedroom Accent Wall Ideas

April 11, 2022

When you work with Erickson Realty, respected Columbus GA realtors, you can count on finding your ideal home. Plus, if you work with a builder, you can choose your finishing touches, such as floors and definitely paint colors. That means, from day one, you can have a fantastic modern bedroom accent wall that adds a special touch to an important room.

When it comes to choosing which wall to accent, most people choose the wall where the bed will be, making that the focus of the room. However, depending on your layout, you can always choose to use another wall as your accent. That’s up to you and what feels right. The thing is, an accent wall can be so much more than just a different color. Consider some of these ideas for your bedroom to create a space that makes you happy, comfortable, satisfied and relaxed.

  • Color is always the most obvious way to create a contrast wall. You can go bold with a dark blue or green that can help create a restful environment, or you could choose a more subtle option. If you’ve painted your bedroom a color other than white or cream, why not consider using that color, just a few shades darker for a clear but subtle contrast.
  • Another option is to use a different color and also include some texture, such as wood trim that you can paint the same color or even in an alternate color. You could create horizontal or parallel lines across the wall, or you could even create geometric shapes.
  • If your home has a country charm feel to it, consider using rows of planks of wood, aligned much like bricks. You could choose to varnish the planks in various light and dark varnish colors, or use chalk paint for a soft, but lightly colored accent wall that brings to mind the charm of faded farmhouses. A mix of cream, gray, and another color that complements your room, mixed randomly along the wall, adds some real interest to the room.
  • If you prefer glam to farmhouse chic, then why not paint your accent wall a shade or two darker than the rest of the walls and then really take it to the next level with a stencil pattern painted in gold-colored paint. Something simple and geometric like circles joined together as if hanging on a string, from ceiling to floor, really makes an impact with its shimmer. You don’t even have to paint the wall itself another color. Let the gold be the main accent.
  • There’s nothing that says the whole wall has to be painted in an accent color. You can do just sections. Create your own archway or even create multiple arches with one larger one in the center, framing the bed, and smaller ones framing the side tables. Just make sure the arches are high enough on the sides to be taller than any bedside lamps. If you don’t want arches, you could do rectangles. This is a great way to add some bold color without completely filling the wall, especially on a long wall.
  • Finally, if you like the look of the multiple shades of paint chips, consider recreating the paint chip on your wall! You could just do horizontal strips, with the lightest color at the top and gradually getting darker and you go down the wall, with neutral lines between the colors. If you want to go bolder than stripes, create squares, simply adding in vertical lines of painter’s tape, as well as the horizontal ones. Just make sure you get your squares properly aligned to frame your headboard and side tables so that you have an even square.

These are just a few of the many ways you can create a modern accent wall in your bedroom. If you don’t want to do a lot of painting, there are also decals, or you could purchase special art wallpapers. There are a lot of creative options out there; you just have to decide what is right for you. Your Columbus GA realtors can help you find a home with a bedroom crying out for an accent wall and may even know some people who can help you bring your vision to life! Contact Erickson Realty today to get started on finding that ideal home where  you can really express yourself.

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This post was written by Rose Anne Erickson

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