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Low-Key Christmas Decorating Ideas

December 11, 2018

Some homes in Hamilton GA are loaded with bling for Christmas. Colorful lights, a massive tree and displays of miniature Santas and snowmen certainly create a festive feel. But if going all out isn’t your style, you can decorate your home for Christmas with just a few subtle touches.  

These ideas are meant to provide inspiration. For truly minimalist decorating, pick one or two that will mean the most to you.

  •  with one main décor item, such as a simply decorated tree or wreath. If you love greenery, tuck a few sprigs of pine, holly or boxwood throughout your home for fresh hints of the season.
  • Instead of decorating the tree with shiny plastic or glass ornaments, try making or purchasing handmade items like paper stars, snowflakes and angels. Natural items such as dried flowers also work well. Paper chains are a low-key alternative to ribbons and tinsel.
  • If you prefer a more festive but still minimalist look, go ahead and use your brightest décor, but less of it. For example, a glass vase of colorful ornaments makes a nice centerpiece on a table or mantel. Or choose a few of your favorite ornaments and use them to decorate a wreath.
  • If you’d like the feel of a Christmas tree without the effort of putting one up,try a large houseplant such as a Norfolk Island Pine. You can decorate it easily with just a few items. When Christmas is over, remove the decorations and you have a beautiful plant that will be ready to decorate again next year!
  • You might also consider a small artificial tree that you can simply cover and store fully decorated until next year.
  • Create a tabletop centerpiece with small boughs of greenery and pine cones or a vase of red and white flowers.
  • Make the most of the gifts you plan to give by wrapping them in coordinating paper and using them as décor until it’s time to hand them over. If you love the natural look, wrap the gifts in plain brown paper or reusable fabric, such as pretty scarf that doubles as a gift and wrapper all in one.

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