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Improvements to Make Before Selling Your Home

October 28, 2018

Most existing homes in Fortson GA could use some improvements before they’re put on the market. Whether it’s a quick paint touch-up or a large-scale makeover, making your home look its best will help it sell faster.

Here are some things to consider working on before you sell your home:

The landscaping.

It’s one of the first things people notice when they drive up to your house. You don’t have to install an entirely new landscape, but do take a hard look at what you have. Are there dead branches hanging in the trees? Are overgrown shrubs hiding the beautiful bay window? What about those weeds sticking up through the sidewalk? Take care of these items now to help your home make a good first impression on buyers.

The outside of your home.

Walk around the exterior of your house, taking note of anything that needs attention. Look for any areas that need a coat of paint or repairs. Is the roof in good condition? What about the siding or masonry work? Check doors and windows as well. They should function properly and look clean and well maintained.

Mechanical systems.

Unless you’re selling a definite fixer-upper, your home’s mechanical systems must be in good repair. Electricity, plumbing, heating and cooling systems need to be operating safely.

Kitchen and bathrooms.

This is not the time to make major upgrades unless your house is not in keeping with the quality of the neighborhood. But make sure the appliances and fixtures in these important rooms function properly and are very clean.

Indoor cosmetic repairs.

Touch up paint on walls and doors. Have carpets cleaned and polish hardwood floors. Repair any damage to plaster or drywall. Above all, clean the interior thoroughly and keep it ready for showings.

Before you make any major repairs, discuss your plans with your real estate agent. Some repairs are well worth the investment, while others are best left to the new owners.

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