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How to Maintain Your High-End Countertops

May 20, 2018

One of the most popular upgrades in new Columbus GA homes is the installation of high-end countertops. Surfaces such as granite, marble and ceramic tile add beauty and value to kitchens and bathrooms. But how can you take care of those countertops so they look as good in ten years as they did the day they were installed? First, consult the manufacturer’s instructions for sealing and maintenance requirements. Then try these tips:


Natural stone countertops should be cleaned with mild soap and water. Don’t use tile cleaners or regular household cleaners such as Formula 409 on granite–they’re too harsh. Avoid spilling oils or acidic liquids on granite countertops and wipe up spills immediately. Although you can technically place hot pans directly on the granite surface, it’s better to use a trivet or potholder to protect the surface from scratching and other damage.


Marble should be cared for in much the same way as granite. Clean with mild soap and water. Be careful not to spill fruit juice, wine, tomato sauce or other acids on the surface. Don’t use vinegar, bleach or chemical cleaners. Set drinks on coasters and use cutting boards when preparing meals.


Man-made, solid-surface materials such as Corian have similar care requirements to natural stone, but they are more vulnerable to heat damage. Use a trivet or other protection under hot pans, and don’t put hot pots and pans directly into a Corian sink. Clean with soap and water or ammonia-based household cleaners, but glass cleaners should be avoided. Wipe up spills right away; even water can leave a dull film on the surface if it sits long enough.


Concrete countertops are strong and durable but are very difficult to keep pristine. They will inevitably develop a patina that changes as time goes on. To keep the surface looking its best, follow the precautions for the other materials above. Wipe up all spills immediately and be especially careful not to drag items across its surface. Clean with mild dishwashing liquid or pH-neutral cleaning wipes. Concrete must be sealed and waxed regularly for maximum protection.

Ceramic tile

Ceramic tiles are resistant to stains and damage, but the grout is harder to maintain. For best results, choose a stain-resistant grout and place tiles close together to minimize grout surfaces. Use a non-abrasive cleaner for the tile and a penetrating grout cleaner for the grout. Take care not to scratch or chip the tiles.

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