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How to Design the Bedroom of Your Dreams

March 28, 2018 12:24 pm Published by Comments Off on How to Design the Bedroom of Your Dreams

One of the most enjoyable aspects of decorating homes in Phenix City AL or any other town is the opportunity to create a bedroom retreat. The bedroom should be physically relaxing, visually soothing, and should reflect who you are at heart. Here are is a step-by-step process for bringing it all together to create the bedroom of your dreams:

  • Plan before you start. Even if you’re not artistic, you can sketch a layout of the room that shows the furniture you’d like to include and where it should be placed. Collect photos, either from magazines and catalogs or online, to narrow down the style and colors you prefer.
  • Develop a theme. Perhaps you want a cool, breezy beach theme, or a colorful floral style. Look through your gathered photos and pinpoint what you like in each picture. Is it the soft pastel colors? A four-poster bed? Use those elements to plan your own design.
  • Measure twice, buy once. Use online descriptions or a measuring tape to get the measurements of any large furniture pieces you plan to buy. Then measure your room to see if that king-sized bed or tall armoire will fit in the space.
  • Clear the room. Empty the room and give it a good cleaning. Then paint the room, change the lighting fixtures if needed and install new flooring or add area rugs.
  • Purchase the major furniture. A new bed, mattress and bedding will create the centerpiece of the room. If you’re buying a matching set of furniture, make sure it all fits and that you have plenty of room to move around easily.
  • Add additional furniture pieces. Purchase any additional dressers or nightstands you might need, as well as a chair or bench for seating. Keep the size and style of these pieces in proportion to the bed.
  • Bring in the finishing touches, such as window treatments, lamps, artwork, throw pillows and plants. The room should now be the relaxing retreat you’ve envisioned!

Your dream bedroom will be even more relaxing in a new home in the quiet Willow Trace community in Phenix City. These new homes of about 1500-2600 square feet have 3-5 bedrooms that you can decorate to create soothing retreats for the whole family. Call Rose Anne Erickson Realty at 706-257-1776 to learn more about new homes in Phenix City AL.

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