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How to Decorate Your First Home

September 26, 2015

If you are looking to buy your first home you’re in luck! There are plenty of beautiful homes for sale in Opelika, AL. Once you have signed on the dotted line you will most likely be thinking about how to decorate your beautiful new home but don’t feel overwhelmed. Here are some great tips to consider when decorating your first home.

Paint First

One of the easiest ways to transform your room or space is with a fresh coat of paint. Ideally you want to paint the room before you move in any furniture or boxes into the room. Have fun picking out the color for your room. Visit your local hardware store and take home paint chips and even test paint to see how the color looks in your room of choice.

Choose your Bed

If you are starting from scratch or just upgrading choosing your bed should be a priority. If this is your first time purchasing a large piece of furniture then choose something classic. A classic piece of furniture will last a long time and won’t look dated in a couple of years.

Invest in Seating

Another big furniture item that should be purchased is a sofa. Buying a more traditional and well made sofa will stand the test of time. Whether it is a sectional or a standard sofa it will be the anchor of your living room. It is the place where you will visit with friends and family. It also a great place to nap and watch your favorite movies.


Adding unique lighting (overhead, wall or table) in your new home will give a tailored look that is specific to you. Spend time looking at your lighting options. You want to find pieces that are pleasing to your eye and will fit in your room of choice. These fixtures are intended to last you a long time so don’t skimp when it comes to your lighting.

Rugs are your Foundation

Rugs are wonderful way to add personality and texture to your room. Consider them your foundation. You don’t have to break the bank when it comes to rugs though. You can add a large inexpensive seagrass or natural fiber rugs to you hard wood floors for added texture. Layering rugs is another way to spice up your room all you have to do is to lay a patterned rug over your natural rug. It’s as easy as that.

Make Easy Upgrades

A full kitchen or bathroom remodel may not be in the budget but there are some budget-friendly upgrades you can make that will give your room a custom look. Adding subway tile, new hardware, faucets or under the counter lighting can help your room look up-to-date. The upgrades will also add to the overall look of your room.


Now that you have your big furniture pieces, lighting and rugs purchased not to mention a fresh coat of paint on the wall it is time to accessorize, accessorize, accesorize! Accessories, textiles and smaller furniture can give your home and room a personalized look. Jazz things up with patterned throw pillows, throws. You can find great deals on these items.

Add Character with Art

Adding art to your walls is another great way to add character, color and style to your room. You don’t have to be a fine art collector to achieve this. Look for inexpensive artwork collections on sites like, You can also DIY larger pieces for over the mantle or bed. Find some inspiration on Pinterest.

Come check out the beautiful homes for sale in Opelika, AL today!

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This post was written by Rose Anne Erickson

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