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How to Choose a Real Estate Agent

June 12, 2022

You’ve done all of the research into buying new homes and have money saved for a downpayment and your credit score is in good standing, and you have a good idea of the budget you can afford for your new home. You’re ready to buy, but doing it on your own is challenging. It’s worth it to get one of the great real estate agents in Columbus GA and we hope you’ll find that agent with us at Rose Anne Erickson Realty.

Finding a good agent makes a huge difference in the buying and selling process. A good agent will not only be there for you throughout the process, but will also work to make sure you get the most profit for your house and the best deal on your new home. Choosing an agent is partly a matter of personality – you want someone you’re comfortable with – but it’s very much about their skills and experience. These guidelines should help you determine who is the right agent for you.

Perhaps most importantly, you want an agent who communicates with you clearly and consistently, answering any and all of your questions and who gets back to you as soon as possible if they don’t have the answer right away.

You also want someone with experience. That doesn’t mean you can’t choose a young agent, but make sure they have solid experience with positive outcomes. You should feel free to ask what their average list-price-to-sale-price ratio is, along with the length of time it usually takes their clients to find and close on a home. An agent can be young, but if they’re good, they’re good, and they’ll work to get you the best deal all around.

Even if you’re not moving far, you want an agent with solid local market knowledge. This is particularly important, though, if you are moving to a completely new area. You can’t be expected to know which areas are better than others and which will serve your needs better in terms of school, work, shopping, and other aspects of life. They should know which neighborhoods and communities are solid bets or are improving or not doing so well. Your agent should know local market trends and patterns. Among the ways to gauge their knowledge is simply to ask questions, such as the average time a newly listed home is on the market and average sale prices, particularly in the areas you’re considering.

Finally, look for reviews and word of mouth. Check all of the online reviews you can find, but do keep in mind that you should be looking at the review of the agent, not the normal stress of a move. Keep complaints in perspective and see if they’re about the actual agent or just frustration with the market.

Finally, feel free to interview multiple agents. After all, you want someone you’re going to be comfortable with in this sometimes stressful experience. You want someone who will help ease that stress and get you into your ideal home. Contact Rose Anne Erickson Realty for some of the best and brightest real estate agents in Columbus GA. We’re here to help you find a fantastic new home.

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