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How To Choose a Home That Will Save Energy

January 8, 2023

While natural gas prices are expected to drop to the five-year average this year, electricity prices are expected to rise. This means, if you’re looking at homes with one of our Columbus GA Realtors, there are things you should keep in mind when it comes to energy efficiency. Increased energy prices may affect the home you can afford to purchase if you’re going to need more money for energy bills. Fortunately, we have some tips to help you find an energy efficient home.

  • Check the Insulation. This won’t really come as a surprise, but you should make sure the insulation throughout the home is sufficient, not just in the walls, but in the ceilings and attic, as well. While you may not be able to check the state of the insulation on your own, if you’re putting an offer on a home, make sure that a thorough check of the insulation is done by the home inspector. They should use thermal imaging devices to check what isn’t easily viewable.
  • Check the Appliances. Any appliances – big or small – that are being sold with the home need to be inspected. The older the appliance, the more likely it’s not going to be as efficient. Look for high-rated energy efficient appliances. If some are old or not as energy efficient, it’s not a make-or-break situation if you can afford to change some of them out soon, but for water heaters and furnaces, you want ones that are 95% or more energy efficient.
  • Look for Multiple Energy Sources. The more sources of energy a home has, the more freedom you have in what you use, helping you choose the most affordable option. A combination of gas, electric, solar, and even basic wood fireplaces or stoves can give you more flexibility, helping you save money.
  • Check Travel Times/Distances. This may not seem as obvious, but if you have to drive a long way or deal with long traffic lines to get to work, school, grocery shopping and other basics, you will ultimately spend more on gas for your vehicle. Gas prices can fluctuate at any given time, so it’s always a good idea to find a home that is central enough so you never have a long commute. If living out in the country is your dream, make sure it’s an affordable dream.
  • Consider New Construction. While not all new homes are created equal, many home builders are increasing their focus on building energy efficient homes, both in the appliances and in the construction. If you find a builder who puts an extra focus on energy-saving construction, you will have a new home that will have fewer issues and more energy efficiency from day one.

As you look at homes with one of our Columbus GA Realtors, discuss your concerns for homes that are energy efficient. This can also help narrow down some of your choices, helping you make a smart decision on a major investment. If you find a great home that has some energy efficiency issues, consider whether updating the home is an affordable option. If not, you may want to reconsider. After all, an energy efficient home isn’t just more affordable, it’s more comfortable.

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This post was written by Rose Anne Erickson

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