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Home Buyer Pet Peeves to Avoid

April 17, 2015

selling your home

Are you selling your home? If the answer is, yes, then keep in mind there are a few things that may turn off a potential buyer. When a potential buyer walks into your home they are using their senses to experience your home. So you want to eliminate anything that could be offensive to the buyer regarding their senses.

While you pet or pets may be part of your family it can be a turn off to a potential buyer. So stash or remove the dirty kitty litter boxes, dog toys, food and water bowls. Remove all traces of pet things from sight and certainly clean you home to remove any lingering pet orders.

Clean and straighten up your kid-friendly areas. You don’t want a couple or a single person who don’t have kids to walk into your home that is scattered with toys. Also be mindful of things like dirty bottles, breast pumps, etc. being out in the open. It is also a good idea to empty the diaper pail before having some one view you home.

Keep personal care items within the cabinets in your bathroom. Make sure things like soap or toothpaste residue has been wiped clean. Also make sure that things like toilet paper roll is full and there are clean towels hanging. Keep dirty clothes in a closed hamper and behind closed doors. Buyers don’t want to feel dirty entering your bathroom. To them they are viewing this as their future bathroom.

Don’t over do it when it comes to your home décor. Too much of a good thing looks like clutter to a potential buyer. Things like spiritual, religious, sports, or political items have the potential to offend or just plain irritate a potential buyer to the point that they may not be able to see past the clutter to see your beautiful home for sale.

Keep these things in mind if you are selling your home.

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This post was written by Rose Anne Erickson

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