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Get Your Kitchen Organized for Thanksgiving

November 14, 2021

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and even if you’re in one of the new homes in Midland GA, your kitchen probably needs a bit of organizing to get it ready to host the big feast. Even if it’s just for a family of four, Thanksgiving dinners easily take over the whole kitchen. Here are some ways to keep things organized so that the big day runs more smoothly, whether you’re serving four or fourteen.

You probably have at least a mental list of all of the dishes you plan on serving. It’s best to write it all down and go through your pantry to see what you have and what you need to purchase. Go ahead and start buying some ingredients now to save time and energy on the last big shop. Ideally, you should have a white board, chalkboard, corkboard, magnetic board or something similar, perhaps mounted on the fridge if possible or hanging on the wall where you can easily access your lists. If people are coming and bringing food, mark down who is bringing what so that you know everything is accounted for and don’t forget anything important. This is also a good place to keep your big shopping list; you can always mark items off if you purchase them earlier.

As for the kitchen, start pulling out any special dinnerware, glasses, silverware, serving bowls, special cooking pots and pans, and platters that you plan on using and set them aside, perhaps in an unused guest room. This way you know where everything is and you can make sure you have enough for all of your guests. If you can’t pull everything out, at least make sure you have enough for everyone.

Declutter your kitchen. Get rid of junk mail, magazines, toys, and all of the other odds and ends that somehow make their way into kitchens. Try to clear your countertops, as well, leaving as much space free as possible, even if you usually leave certain items out. The more open space you have, the better. This goes for the fridge and freezer, too. Give them a thorough cleaning, tossing anything that is beyond its date or that you know no one is going to finish. Go ahead and actually clean, while you’re in there, as guests are likely to see inside at some point. The more space you clear, the more space you have for big turkeys, hams, pies, and all of the other dishes that will inevitably make their way in there.

If your utensil drawer is cluttered, consider cleaning it out and organizing it or finding a new way to contain cooking utensils, such as an attractive pottery jar or a wall-mounted rack with hooks. Having your cooking utensils within easy reach makes life much easier, especially if you have multiple people in the kitchen cooking. Consider a lazy susan or two for your cabinets, as they’re great for canned goods, and spices, so you’re not digging through everything to find that one item in the back that you need.

By clearing out any clutter and junk and getting everything you’re going to need for the big day sorted and organized, you’ll find that preparing the variety of dishes is just that little bit easier. With checklists that are easy to see and mark off, you’re less likely to have unexpected shortages or missing items. All of this organization will also give you more time to set beautiful Thanksgiving tables in your new homes in Midland GA, giving you more reasons to be thankful.

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This post was written by Rose Anne Erickson

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