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Fun Garden Projects to Welcome Spring

April 18, 2020 4:02 pm Published by Comments Off on Fun Garden Projects to Welcome Spring

Spring is the perfect time to try new garden projects around Columbus GA homes. The weather is pleasant and most of us are eager to get outside and enjoy it. Here are 6 ways to bring something new into your garden this spring:

  • Add variety to your landscape with unusual plants. Browse online garden catalogs for standouts like White Feather hosta, dwarf powder puff, purple pampas grass, Clear Crystals black pansies, fiddleneck flowers or giant philodendron. Read descriptions carefully to be sure plants are appropriate for your area.
  • Try a new eco-friendly project like making a rain barrel or starting a compost pile. This is a great way to get kids involved while helping the environment and your garden.
  • Build an arbor or trellis to create a focal point in the garden. An arbor planted with fast-growing vines will have the added bonus of creating a shady spot to sit later in the summer.
  • Create a fairy garden (or gnome home) with your kids. Order supplies online or DIY with craft supplies and small plants. Kids can make a simple fairy garden in a flowerpot using a houseplant, dollhouse furniture and small toy animals.
  • Assemble a colorful container planting. Get creative by choosing a nontraditional container such as an old boot, watering can or vintage coffee pot. Include a mix of plants so you have a tall focal point plant, a trailing vine-like plant and fillers that will bloom profusely.
  • Make wind chimes. All you need is string or fishing line, an assortment of small metallic or glass objects and a piece of wood or other object to hang them from. Try old silverware, keys, sea shells, beads, dry pieces of bamboo, and even painted tin cans.

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