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Fun Games Your Family Will Love to Play this Easter

March 25, 2017

Planning to buy one of the new homes in Phenix City AL? Spring is typically the most popular time of year to buy a home for families since the kids can get settled in before starting a new school in the fall.

Of course, this time of year is also a favorite for many kids because of Easter. If you celebrate the holiday, here are a few games your whole family will enjoy playing.

Bunny Toss – Remember the age-old bean bag toss? Switch it up for the holiday by creating “bean bag carrots” in honor of the Easter Bunny. Draw a bunny on the front of a cardboard box and cut out holes for his mouth and tummy. Then, hot glue two orange felt triangles, fill the pouch with lentils or some other dried bean, and seal with a leafy green detail. Voila! You have carrots to feed the bunny!

Paper Egg Matching Game – Have fun and teach your toddlers their colors, numbers and shapes at the same time by creating homemade cut-out puzzle eggs. Get the tutorial from the Powerful Mothering blog.

Easter Egg Piñatas – Tired of hiding candy filled eggs all over your house or backyard for your little ones to find? Create some papier-mache Easter egg piñatas that you can fill with candy or confetti (if you’re trying to limit sweets).

Jelly Bean Color Match – Here’s another great game to play to help young children recognize colors. Cut out a piece of white paper in the shape of an egg and then paint or draw different colored spots all over it to match jelly bean colors. Now your child just needs to match the jelly bean to the color on the paper.

Jelly Bean Buildings – While toddlers play the jelly bean matching game, your older children can stick toothpicks into jelly beans to create blocks, towers and buildings. It’s a terrific Easter-themed alternative to traditional building blocks and Legos.

Mix and Match – Here’s a fun sorting game to play with your little ones. Switch out plastic egg tops and bottoms to make different color combinations and create flash cards that match. Have your child match the egg to the correct flash card.

Pin the Tail on the Bunny – Who needs a donkey? Give this tried and true party a game a bunny makeover, and let your children pin cottontails instead.

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