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Fresh Colors to Welcome Fall

August 24, 2019 10:11 pm Published by Comments Off on Fresh Colors to Welcome Fall

Autumn is fast approaching, which means it’s time to bring fall décor colors to homes in Upatoi GA. Since these are seasonal colors, you may want to stick with using them on easily changeable items like throw pillows, artwork, kitchen linens or bedding. If you’re feeling a bit bolder or you know you love the color, go ahead and use it in a larger and more permanent way.

We suggest these colors that are reminiscent of fall leaves, cornstalks and chrysanthemums:

  • Goldenrod: This yellow tone is cheery and warm without being too bright. It’s ideal for bringing a note of autumn cheer to a kitchen. Try it in a tablecloth, tea towels or area rugs.
  • Peach: Soft and mellow, peach is more subtle than most other fall colors. Use it in a bedroom or bathroom for a cozy, soothing touch.
  • Burnt orange: This is definitely a bold hue, so you may want to use it sparingly. Perhaps a throw pillow or two, a sunset painting or an afghan tossed over the back of the sofa will be enough to add a bright spot of color without becoming overwhelming.
  • Caramel: The color of caramel apples and cornstalks can go with almost anything. Since it’s low-key, it can be used on walls and large upholstered pieces. Simply add colorful accessories to change the mood throughout the year.
  • Chocolate: Tasty treats aside, chocolate is rich and calming as a décor color. Accent it with white to keep it fresh, just like the marshmallows in a cup of hot cocoa.
  • Eggplant: Purple adds a touch of luxury in a master bedroom or formal living room. Try an upholstered headboard or purple bedding in the bedroom. In the living room, a purple velvet upholstered side chair would add a dramatic touch.
  • Deep Blue: Just as the clear blue skies of autumn are the perfect backdrops for bright fall leaves, deep blue in your décor can set off warmer colors and make them pop. Think orange throw pillows on a blue sofa or blue dishes in a yellow kitchen.


Rose Anne Erickson Realty has beautiful new homes that you’ll love to decorate with your favorite fall colors. Call the office today at 706-257-1776 to schedule your personal tour of new homes in Upatoi GA.


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