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Five Fall Front Porch Ideas

September 13, 2021

Cool, crisp morning air. Yellow and orange leaves. Hot cocoa and pumpkin spice. Ah, take a deep breath because autumn is coming. And the fall season provides the perfect backdrop to decorate your front porch. Use these fall front porch ideas as we get ready to usher in a new season around our homes in Smiths Station AL community.

  1. Fall wreath – A wreath is a great way to bring a fall vibe to your home. Hang up a wreath on your front door or from your front windows to create a warm and inviting look.
  2. Festive décor – Create a smorgasbord of fall décor on your front porch. Prop a ladder against the house and drape plaid blankets on the steps and a straw hat on top of the poles. Create a symmetric look by placing lanterns with candles on each side of the front door. Do not forget to include a fall themed doormat to welcome guests into your home.
  3. Garland framed door – Garland is a popular decoration for the winter months. But it will look just as lovely this fall. Frame your front door with fall garland that includes fall foliage and other seasonal accessories like acorns, berries, and pumpkins.
  4. Pumpkin patch porch – It is not fall if you do not have pumpkins. Create a fantastic pumpkin patch porch with decorated pumpkins of various shapes and sizes to adorn this area. Throw in gourds and squash to complete the look.
  5. Sign of the times – Get an old pallet or reclaimed wood to create a DIY fall sign. Paint out the word fall, harvest, or another favorite fall word on the pallet to add to your front porch.


Fall is also a great time to purchase a home. If you are in the market for a new home, we recommend our Smiths Station AL communities at Ridge Rocky, Smiths Walk, and Southern Oaks. Contact Rose Anne Erickson Realty today at 706-257-1776 to learn about the available homes for sale.

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