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Five Bathroom Organizing Tips

August 21, 2021 9:37 pm Published by Comments Off on Five Bathroom Organizing Tips

The bathroom is probably one of the most frequently visited rooms in our Auburn AL homes.  Utilize the five tips below to maximize space and keep your bathroom clean and organized.

  1. Glass apothecary jars – Apothecary jars are stylish and can be used to organize and store bath and toiletry items you do not want to keep in the original packaging. Place items, such as bath bombs, cotton balls, Epsom salt, foam wedges, and Q-tips, in your jars instead of the cabinets or draws.
  2. Over the toilet storage – A shelving unit above the toilet is a space saver. It is also an ideal place to store and make essential items like toilet paper and soap easily accessible.
  3. Plastic waterproof toy organizer – Bath time is an exciting time for the kiddos! If they have lots of toys, then you will want to corral them in something that will not become a smorgasbord for rust and mildew. Utilize a plastic waterproof toy organizer to keep your bathroom clutter free of your kids’ toys.
  4. Toilet paper holder – Do you buy in bulk? A toilet paper holder will keep your extra toilet paper rolls organized and your bathroom looking neat.
  5. Underneath the sink storage – This area can easily become disorganized with cleaning supplies, hair products, hair accessories, and skin care products. Incorporate bins to house these items.

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