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Easy Fall Home Decor Trends

October 10, 2021

Not everyone goes all out with fall home decor. If pumpkins, gourds, leaves and the odd ghost decoration leave you uninspired, there are still ways to add a sense of the coziness of fall to your homes in Columbus GA, without the typical decorations. There are fabrics, colors, and more that are easy to add to your home to create a warm welcoming vibe. Best of all they don’t take a lot of effort or money but can give a room a fresh, new look perfect for fall.

One of the biggest trends this year has been a focus on natural materials and fibers. During the warmer months, you were more likely to see wicker or rattan furniture, and natural rugs for a lighter approach. You can still keep those pieces but update them with some warmer colors and think about adding in attractive textile wall hangings, faux sheepskin rugs, woven pendant lights that cast a warm glow, and now is definitely time to pull out any baskets or add a few to your collection. The greater the mix of sizes and materials, the better! Plus, baskets are handy for storage for all of those little items that tend to clutter up tables and counters. Put those trendy baskets to use!

When it’s hot out, you probably have cushions in more summery prints and fabrics on your rattan or cane furniture. For fall, you can still keep the furniture; just change the fabrics on the cushions. Velvet is big right now and is perfect for adding warmth and softness to your furniture. Even if you didn’t add in natural material furniture, add in some velvet cushions or consider recovering a chair that could use an update. Velvet is popping up everywhere so it should be easy to find something that will easily add a luxurious yet cozy touch to any room.

Jewel tones are among the popular colors for a lot of the velvet, but pink has its place, too. From walls, to furniture to accent pieces — think of adding some subtle blush cozy throws to your sofa — more subtle and subdued shades of blush pink are lasting long past spring and summer. Update a bedroom with blush walls or set up a collection of blush candles on a mantle or side table in a variety of sizes for a simple yet elegant and warm touch.

For those of you who do like the more traditional colors of fall, ochre is an easy choice. This color adds instant warmth to a room, while its tone can add some modernity, especially when paired with unexpected colors, such as gray or dark blue. Duvet covers are an easy way to update a bedroom, and pillows and throws against leather sofas or other neutrals are ideal for living rooms.

As you explore some of the home decor stores, or if you’re visiting a design center for one of the brand new homes in Columbus GA, you’re sure to see many of these trends represented. Think about your own home and how you can incorporate some of these decor elements to add new life to an old room or expand your style as you move into a new home. Many of these trends can be incorporated in order to last for more than just one season without looking dated and if you’re worried about a particular color or fabric, just keep it to a minimum so that it’s not a big deal to update when the next season’s trends arrive.

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This post was written by Rose Anne Erickson

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