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How to Decorate Your Porch this Fall

September 11, 2017

How to Decorate Your Porch This FallCurious about how other home owners quickly sell their homes? Real Estate experts say one way to attract prospective buyers is to enhance your home’s curb appeal. Here are a few tips on how to decorate your porch this fall that celebrates the changing seasons and gives house hunters a reason to stop by.

Pretty Pumpkins – The fall’s go-to gourd can be utilized in a variety of ways on your porch. Gather up a few small pumpkins and spray paint them white and gold to create a modern look. Or forgo the paint altogether and tie pretty patterned ribbons around them to dress up your front door.

Go for the Unexpected – Your front door is prime real estate when it comes to curb appeal. One way to create an eye-catching display is to skip the classic wreath in favor of a creative seasonal display like an apple basket. Or hang a burlap sack filled with a fall bouquet on the front door. Add baskets of colorful flowers, pumpkins in assorted sizes, and/or ornamental cabbages on either side of the door to complete the look.

Dress Up Porch Furniture – If you have furniture on your porch, you can easily transform it for fall with a few quick updates. For example, adding plush pillows and a tartan throw can transform a porch swing from comfy summer hangout spot to cozy autumn retreat. Surround the swing with pumpkins, flowers and other vintage finds for added effect.

Repurpose a Red Wagon – Have you children outgrown their little red wagon? Put it to new use on your porch as a handy holder for fall décor, such as small pumpkins, gourds and other antique items. Pile three or four larger pumpkins in front of the wagon to finish the design.

Signs, Signs, Everywhere a Sign – Rustic signs are a great way to add country charm to your front porch. Spell out “welcome” or “fall” vertically on a wooden plank. Use reclaimed wood or shipping pallets as the base.

Use a Light Color Palette – Fall is noteworthy for its use of red, orange and yellow colors. Another way to celebrate the season is to use light blues and white in your decorations for a more sophisticated look. Paint pumpkins and gourds white or blue, and complement them with white flower arrangements.

Light it Up – Show off your porch in the evening with the use of marquee light letters that spell out “fall.” Attach each letter to the front of a pumpkin, turn on the battery powered letter lights, and enjoy your new decoration! Click here to learn how to create these pumpkin lights.

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