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How to Decorate Your New Home like a Pro

January 17, 2017

Do your 2017 plans include buying one of the new homes in Auburn AL? Once you find your dream home, you’ll have to decide how to decorate it. Looking at model homes or leafing through home and design magazines can help provide you with some ideas. Here are some other top design tips from the experts, so you can make your new home a show-stopper.

Don’t Sacrifice Comfort for Style – Just because something looks modern and stylish in the showroom, doesn’t mean it’s going to be comfortable for the long haul. Before buying furniture like a couch, make sure you test out the seating and examine the dimensions. If you’re tall, you may want to opt for a sofa depth of between 40 and 42 inches, rather than the standard 36 inches.

Get Inspired by a Favorite Locale – Whether you’re a world traveler, or aspire to be one, you can take inspiration from places like a Parisian café when decorating one or more rooms in your new home. It’s a great way to let you travel to your favorite destination without leaving your home.

Hang Art in front of Curtains – One way to create a great, calming energy in your home is to hang a painting in front of a rich, velvet curtain instead of a bare wall. Interior design experts say displaying artwork in front of a textured colored backdrop creates a big impact on your living space.

Separate Areas for Living and Socializing – Use your furniture to divide an open floor plan into separate areas. For instance, a large, L-shaped sectional with an area rug can define a space for seating that could also be moved from one “zone” to another when you have visitors .

Consider Sunlight when Painting – Design experts suggest you consider the direction of sunlight when painting a room. Since north-facing rooms tend to be darker, it’s wise to use bright colors for the walls. You can create a warm glow in a west-facing room with pink or a red-based neutral. Blue or white shades work well with south and east-facing rooms.

Center Furniture on a Rug – It’s common for home owners with hardwood floors to place a rug under furniture. If you plan to have a dining table in the middle of the room, make sure it’s big enough so that the table and chairs fit comfortably on top. However, if your living room is large, it’s all right to have only the front legs on the rug.

Rule of Three – Make your decorative pieces like candles, vases, table plants or flowers stand out by arranging them in groups of threes. It’s a basic writing rule that works well for design too.

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