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How to Create an Organized Workshop for Your New Home

February 26, 2017

People who buy one of the new homes in Auburn AL often spend a lot of time thinking about ways to organize their kitchen, bathroom, closets and office space. One area that may get overlooked in this process is a workshop. If you are someone who loves to create things with power tools, here are some tips on how you can create an organized space for your next project.

Work Surfaces – If you’re planning to use a powerful tool like a miter saw, you’ll need a big work surface to support the wood while making your cuts. One possibility is to lay a solid, flat door on top of two sawhorses. A heavy door is perfect for clamping and assembling projects. Another alternative is a steel bench that can double as an outfeed table if you adjust the height to match your table saw and add casters.

Tool Storage – A shelf and dividers and/or square cubbies can be placed underneath your assembly worktable to hold the various tools you own such as drills and sanders. You can also hang a pegboard on the wall to organize paint brushes, screw drivers, and other assorted tools. Storing various clamps can be managed with a parallel clamp rack that gets mounted on the wall. A rack for holding cans of spray paint and tubes of caulk will also help to keep your space tidy.

Lumber Organization – Shelves work wonders to keep long boards of lumber handy when you need them. Smaller pieces of scrap wood can be stored in plastic bins beneath the shelving unit.

Component Drawers – Small component drawers are ideal for storing tiny electronic parts. Plus, they’re easily removable if you need to go fishing around for a particular item.

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