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How to Create Family Photo Displays for Your New Home

December 27, 2016

It’s safe to say that most buyers of Phenix City AL real estate love putting their own personal touches on a new home. One of the easiest ways to turn a house into a home is to display family photos. Today’s digital cameras and smartphones have made it easier than ever for us to capture cherished moments with loved ones. Here are a few stylish ways you can incorporate your favorite photos into your décor that go beyond the simple stand-up frame.

Photo Board – Create a life-size “Instagram-style” photo grid by pinning dozens of your favorite photos in rows onto a bulletin board. Learn how to make your photo board here.

Disorderly Array – Photos don’t always have to be perfectly arranged to look good. You can inject some color into an otherwise neutral space by randomly arranging a collection of family photos on a wall or board. If you stick photographs directly to the wall, use Japanese washi tape to prevent the paint finish from getting damaged.

Mood Board – Liven up your kitchen by creating a mood board that combines a few of your favorite photos with other fun pieces like a homemade birthday card or your child’s latest art project.

Black and White Gallery – One way to add a touch of elegance to your office space is to display your photos in black frames with white mats. Choose frames and mats of various sizes to create visual interest on the wall.

Statement Pieces – Pick two or three of your favorite family photos to enlarge, and display them over the sofa. It’s a great way to make your family the stars of your living room.

Cool Collage – Photo collages are a handy way to display several photos in a single frame. You can create a unique wall display in your home by hanging up several collages of various sizes, mixed in with a few other single photo frames.

Silver Set – Pair silver frames with black-and-white photos to create a beautiful gallery of cherished memories that will look lovely in a bedroom or family room.

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