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Cool Headboard Ideas for Summer

May 11, 2019

If you could peek into homes in Opelika AL you’d see a wide variety of headboards, from none at all to luxurious tufted upholstery ones. If you want a new and unique headboard to try this summer, don’t spend your paycheck on a whole new bed. Save yourself some money by trying one of these clever DIY headboard solutions:

  1. Hang an antique quilt, rug or tapestry behind the bed. The color, pattern and age of the hanging will help set the tone of your room. Be sure to use a quilt hanger to avoid damaging the fabric.
  2. Wallpaper or paint a section of the wall to showcase the bed. Both options allow you to quickly and easily change the look of your bedroom with a minimal investment.
  3. Apply shiplap to the wall. Joanna Gaines popularized this rustic look by frequently featuring it on ‘Fixer Upper.’
  4. Set up a folding screen behind the bed. Use the screen as you found it or give it a new look with paint, wallpaper or decoupage. If you prefer a more Zen-like vibe, use a Japanese shoji screen.
  5. Architectural salvage items such as barn doors, old gates, sections of picket fence, ornate mantels and old shutters can be transformed into headboards with tons of character. Find them at yard sales, auctions, and salvage stores. They have the most character if left in their original condition, but you’ll probably want to clean them first.
  6. Hang a large piece of artwork or a grouping of smaller pieces above the bed. This creates a beautiful focal point that you can change as often as you like.
  7. For a romantic and elegant look, mount a large decorative valance high on the wall above the bed and suspend draperies or a length of luxurious fabric from it.
  8. If your budget is tight, consider repainting or refinishing the headboard you already have. Sometimes a fresh coat of paint can give your bed a whole new look.

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